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Visual novels produced by Key // anime based on those games

Welcome to key_novels, a community dedicated to visual novels produced by key and to anime based on these novels!

This is the place to discuss all key visual novels and anime. That includes the popular ones, such as Air, Kanon, and the less popular ones which have never been discussed. This is the community to discuss the upcoming games and anime and to post news about key. If you can't find an existing community to post whatever you wanted about your favorite key game or anime, you know where to look! :)
key visual novels and anime based on them:
Kanon✓✓✓First and second series available
Air✓✓✓Movie/series available
Clannad✓✓✓✓Movie and two series released
Tomoyo After✓✗ 
Little Busters!✓✗Released July 27, 2007
Little Busters! Ecstasy✓✗Released July 25, 2008
Dōsei✓✗Pre-key game, made by Tactics
Moon.✓✗Pre-key game, made by Tactics
One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e✓✓✓Pre-key game, made by Tactics. Two anime series exist
Rewrite✗✗Game in development, announced in April 2008, to be released on April 28, 2011.
Angel Beats!✗✓13 episode long anime
Kud Wafter✓✗Game released on June 25, 2010

Other key-related things
Eternal Fighter ZeroA dōjin fighting game featuring female characters from key games as fighters

1. Please be nice to other people. For instance, rather then writing what you dislike about a particular character, write what you like about him/her. After all, this is a community for key games/anime fans, not haters.
2. All spoilers have to be under lj-cuts. If you don't know what an lj-cut is, please check out the FAQ. Seriously, getting fun spoiled is not a good thing. :) You're welcome to discuss the plot - under the cut - as long as your post's title and the cut's text inform what's there.
3. The same applies to 'work unsafe' pictures. Yes, it's OK to post them, as long as they are under a cut. Remember that people may find them disturbing.
4. It is strongly advised to post in English or to provide translations to your posts in English.

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